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Government agencies communicate via .gov.fj websites (e.g mcttt.gov.fj)

A Fiji Government Website.

Invest it right!
…in Fiji

Fiji presents a wide variety of incentives covering the major industry sectors. Tax incentives can be granted through income exemption or by way of allowances.

Such fiscal incentives are designed to make good business sense for choosing Fiji as a destination for optimal return on your investments. This is enabled by a well structured eco-system which drives business growth.

Grow within a leading regional hub

Fiji sits in the heart of the South Pacific and therefore has been a trading hub for hundreds of years. With strong shipping and air connectivity coupled with modern ICT infrastructure makes Fiji a logical choice for your business.

StarOne Building, Martintar, Nadi.
Port of Suva.

Seamless shipping & air connectivity

Fiji has two major ports located in Suva and Lautoka. Global shipping liners service Fiji. Direct services to and from Asia, Australia, NZ, Pacific Islands and the Americas are complemented by our National Airline which flies to Australia, New Zealand, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tuvalu, Hawaii, Christmas Island, Kiribati, Tonga, Samoa and Vanuatu.

Robust ICT connectivity

Fiji boasts state of the art ICT infrastructure. Fiber optic connectivity and the availability of the 4G broadband cellular network enables your business to operate in a global market.

Tax-friendly environment

Fiji has a fixed corporate tax of only 20%, further to this if you list on the South Pacific Stock Exchange your tax rate drops to 10%. There are several tax incentives, tax free zones and low import duties making Fiji a viable environment to do business.

Dynamic talented work force

Fiji has a young, multi-cultural, vibrant and well-educated work force. With 46% of our population under the age of 25 and a literacy rate of over 90%, Fiji’s Human Capital is a very strong Asset.

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