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Government agencies communicate via .gov.fj websites (e.g mcttt.gov.fj)

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Fijian Made


Invest in Fiji’s Future, Choose Fijian Made!

When you purchase a Fijian made product or service, you’re helping to create jobs and promote growth. Your purchases ensure that the money spent in Fiji stays in Fiji, reinvesting in the economy and the community.


The “Fijian Made” and “Buy Fijian” campaign is a Government led initiative to promote locally made products and drive economic growth.

The Fijian Made label serves as a mark of authenticity and quality for products produced within Fiji. It assures consumers that they are purchasing products that meet local manufacturing standards and support local employment. Additionally, the campaign emphasises the importance of sustainable and environmentally friendly production practices, further promoting the country’s commitment to a green economy.

Support  local products and keep our money within our country for the development of better roads, hospitals, and services for all.

By choosing local, we empower ourselves, enhancing our lives and the lives of our fellow citizens.

Tropical Fijian flowers at the Suva Municipal Market.

When you buy, make a difference. Reach for Fijian Made.

“Each product tells a tale about a dream and the creative minds behind it, so Buy Local and Support Local.”  

We can grow our economy and it is through the “Fijian Made” Campaign that manufacturers and retailers – large and small – can contribute to the economy while also benefiting consumers. Fijians are innovating daily, and we must all show our pride and loyalty to internal growth when we purchase and buy “Fijian Made”.

Rise Beyond the Reef products.
Rise Beyond the Reef, Sabeto, Nadi.


Join The Campaign


The Fijian Made certification logo gives everyone the opportunity to easily recognise Fijian products or services. Check out the application procedures for the campaign license below.

For general information about the Fijian Made Campaign, or for help with managing your account or listing, please contact the Campaign office at +679-3305411 or email info@fijianmade.gov.fj 

Talk to us TODAY.

You will be surprised, how easy we have made it for you to start or grow your business in Fiji.

Talk to us, we are ready to listen, and delighted to engage.

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