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Government agencies communicate via .gov.fj websites (e.g mcttt.gov.fj)

A Fiji Government Website.



Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) form the backbone of the Fiji economy. Pre-Covid statistics indicate that MSMEs contributed over 18% of the GDP and provided employment for approximately 60% of the labour force in Fiji.

The MSME Fiji is established under the Ministry of Trade, Co-operatives, Small and Medium Enterprises and Communications to empower Fijians to tap into their entrepreneurial potential and contribute to accelerating growth in the economy.


MSME Fiji is responsible to formulate, implement and enhance new and existing policies and strategies for the development of MSMEs.

As a core activity, MSME Fiji facilitates business training, mentoring, advisory, incubation services and also provides access to finance in key development areas. It is also responsible for monitoring and evaluating the implementation of MSME-related projects.

This unit aims to drive the growth of the MSME sector in Fiji by offering a wide range of capacity building and funding opportunities to all segments of the MSME community. This includes micro businesses, rural businesses, as well as to support the growth of youth and women entrepreneurs.

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‚ÄúA Brighter Economic Future for All Entrepreneurs‚ÄĚ

MSME Fiji’s vision will help create a globally competitive, innovative, sustainable and ecologically-friendly economy that contributes to the country‚Äôs national socio- economic development goals. It is a vision that recognizes MSMEs as a driving force of economic activity and providing a significant component of Gross Domestic Product, employment, and livelihood opportunities, especially for women and youth.

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Overall, MSME Fiji strives towards ensuring ease of doing business, as well as to improve the delivery of services available to MSMEs by the Fijian Government and exclusively facilitate the sustainable development of MSMEs.

MSME Fiji will work to improve MSMEs access to finance and access to business training services. To support this, MSME Fiji will establish a database of MSMEs to ensure availability of reliable information that will assist its policy recommendations.

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