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Application For Inspection Of Foundation Work/Structure/Roof And Completion

Once the building has begun construction, an application can be put forth for inspection (Final or progress). For major and complex projects, progress inspections will be required. This will be advised during the building approval stage.

In compliance with National Fiji Building Code, Town Planning Act, Environment Management Act, Public Health Act, OHS Act, Subdivision By-Laws as well as requirements by the Fiji Road Authority, National Fire Authority, Water Authority of Fiji, (where required), all major development applications must be submitted to the City/Town Council.

OHS: Ensure that the building:
1. Is constructed in accordance with OHS approved plans.
2. Is safe for workers and non-workers and relevant amenities and facilities are provided.

After the developer has completed construction/alteration of the building, the owner and developer must then request the local authority and OHS to inspect the building using their previous correspondences (Stage 2: Building Plan Approval Stage).

Please note that owners will need to work with Energy Fiji Ltd and Water Authority of Fiji separately for their services. While this is the first step of Stage 3, please note that the final approval would not granted until all the other steps have been completed.

The list of building standards highlights the mandatory and other standards which are required in all buildings in Fiji. All owners and developers are recommended to adhere to the standards (Download).

Potential Users: Owner, Architect, Draftsman, Consulting Engineers

All forms would have been submitted during the Building Plan Approval stage. The local authority would then advise on this service and how to activate it.

Submission Form(s)
– Application for Permission to Build (Download)
– Application for Development Permission (Download)

– Checklist within application forms
– Major Development (Download)
– Minor Development (Download)
– Conditional Development (Download)

Supporting Documents
1. Certified Fire Engineer Report (in English) (for development of building above $2 mil in value and where sprinkler is required). The engineer must be a certified member of the Institute of Fire Engineers.
2. Design and product specifications

NFA FAQ for Obtaining Construction Permits (Download)


Service Availability
Monday – Thursday: 8:00am to 4:30pm
Friday: 8:00am to 4:00pm
​Excluding weekends & public holidays

Turnaround Time
OHS: 3 working days on the conditions that all requirements are met (OHS Stamped Plans, NFA, EFL, WAF inspection certificates and reports).

Local Authority: Subject to the complexity of the building and endorsement by all other authorities (EFL, WAF, OHS, NFA)

*Concurrently, applicant may apply for Progress and/or Final Inspection for Electrical Connection (Step 2) and Water Authority of Fiji’s inspection (Step 3)

OHS: FJD 110 per hour of inspection
Local Authority: Nil (Including in Stage 2)

SCC Enquiry Counter
Email: customerservices@scc.org.fj
Tel: +679 3313433 Ext 305/306
Website: suvacity.org

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