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Inspection Or Progress Inspection Of New Electrical Installation For New Buildings

Similar to the inspections in Step 1, applicants can concurrently request EFL to conduct progress and/or final inspections to the electrical connection the EFL power grid. This is to ensure compliance with Electricity Act Cap 180 Regulations and AS/NZS 3000 Wiring Rules (latest edition)

Potential Users: Owner, Developers, Registered Engineers (Electricity)

All forms would have been submitted during the Building Plan Approval stage. The local authority would then advise on this service and how to activate it.

Submission Form(s)
– Application for Permit/Temporary Power Supply & Permit (Download)
– RU/01 Supplier Declaration Form (Download)
– Application for Commercial Power Supply (Download)

– Checklist for New installation (Download)

Supporting Documents
– Copy of title/lease document
– Business Registration
– VAT Registration Certificate
– Tax Compliance/Registration Certificate

NFA FAQ for Obtaining Construction Permits (Download)


Service Availability
​Monday – Thursday: 8:00am to 4:30pm
Friday: 8:00am to 4:00pm
​Excluding weekends & public holidays

Turnaround Time
14 working days subject to complete submission of documents, and payment of relevant deposit, metering and inspection fees (Per Inspection)

*Concurrent with local authority Initial Inspection Request (Step 1) and Water Authority of Fiji’s inspection (Step 3)

Security Deposit – dependent on customer electrical load (minimum deposit $90 for commercial) Deposit is refundable.

Metering fees – relevant to 2 phase and 3 phase customers only (2phase – 166.80, 3 phase (direct) – $250.25, 3 phase electronic meter $297.60, 200/5 3ph CT – $1,908, 800/5 CT 3ph $2,335.45.

Inspection & Connection Fees (VIP) – $71.10 for single phase customers, $127 for 2 phase customers; $169.65 for 3 phase customers (up to a maximum load of 80 per phase), $339.30 for CT connected customers; $375.35 for MD customers.

Unit Leader Regulatory
Email naomi@efl.com.fj
Tel: +679 3224304

Inspection Co-ordinator Western
Email manuelib@efl.com.fj
Tel: +679 6656462

Inspection Co-ordinator Central & Northern
Email ahzaazm@efl.com.fj
Tel: +679 3224140
Website: www.efl.com.fj

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