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Government agencies communicate via .gov.fj websites (e.g mcttt.gov.fj)

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Application For Subdivision Of Land

In cases where owners wish to subdivide the land for different purposes or buildings, there is a requirement make an additional application to the local authority. In compliance with Town Planning Act, Subdivision By-Laws as well as requirements by the Fiji Road Authority (where required), all application for Subdivision of Land must be submitted only by a Registered Surveyor and must be submitted to the City Council.

Potential Users: Registered Surveyor, Owner, Consulting Engineers

All forms would have been submitted during the Building Plan Approval stage. The local authority would then advise on this service and how to activate it.

Submission Form(s)
Application for Consideration of Subdivision of Associated Engineering Plans (Download)

Subdivision of Land checklist (Download)


Service Availability
​Monday – Thursday: 8:00am to 4:30pm
Friday: 8:00am to 4:00pm
​Excluding weekends & public holidays

Turnaround Time
30 business days subject to complete submission of documents and compliance requirements are met, and dependent on the complexity of the subdivision requested.

Calculated based on Schedule of Fees

SCC Enquiry Counter
Email: customerservices@scc.org.fj
Tel: +679 3313433 Ext 305/306
Website: suvacity.org

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